The Zen Studies Sangha

Become a supporting member of the Zen Studies Podcast, and deepen your Zen practice by interacting with Domyo and other podcast listeners.

Group Meetings with Domyo

Live Podcast Discussions: Join Domyo and other Zen Studies Podcast listeners for discussions of recent (or sometimes older) episodes. This is a great time for delving deeper into the Dharma, and getting to know Domyo and other practitioners. On the Online Opportunities Calendar, click the event listing to see what episode we’ll be discussing, and the meeting times translated into a bunch of different time zones.

Live Meditation Sessions: We sit together four times a week (Wednesdays-Saturdays), on Zoom videoconference.

For the dates and times of group meetings, see our Online Opportunities Calendar. For detailed instructions on how to download and use the free Zoom application for online meetings, click here. If you join as a podcast member, you’ll automatically be sent our Zoom meeting ID. If you want to give the meetings a try first, email Domyo and ask for the meeting ID.

Zen Studies Sangha Online Forum

Become a member and receive an invitation to join our online Zen Studies Sangha forum (on the platform), where supporting podcast members are welcome to post, share ideas and resources, and join discussions. You can correspond with other individuals in the Sangha, and opt to receive notifications of new posts by email.


One-on-one Interactions with Domyo

Members can schedule a private 30-minute one-on-one Dharma Interview (aka dokusan or sanzen) with me, your podcast host (Domyo), in-the-flesh or by video (Zoom or Skype). If you end up wanting to correspond or meet regularly, please support me through podcast membership at $20 a month or higher, or make additional one-time donations as appropriate, if you are able. I won’t turn anyone away for lack of funds, though, so just pay what you can. Thanks!

Appointments can be conveniently scheduled online (click here to see my availability listed according to your time zone).

Dharma Interview - Learn More

Dharma Interview is an opportunity to talk with a teacher one-on-one to discuss your Zen practice. You can ask questions about Buddhism and practice, but ideally this won’t be an intellectual exercise. Instead, it will be about the “edge” of your practice – what are you working on? What’s challenging you? How can you apply practice to your daily life?

Members may also want to maintain ongoing practice intentions or vows with my support and guidance, through Dharma Interview and/or email.