The Zen Studies Sangha

Deepen your Zen practice by meeting face-to-face with Domyo and other podcast listeners.

Group Meetings

Meditate four days a week with other Sangha Members and Domyo, live, via Zoom videoconference. Click here for our calendar. Want to check out our sessions? Email Domyo for the Zoom Meeting ID.

Discuss the podcast episodes with Domyo and other Zen Studies Sangha (ZSS) members. Meetings occur via Zoom videoconference most weeks, alternating between Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings, Pacific Time. See the Zen Studies Sangha Calendar for meeting times and what episode we’ll be discussing. Want to check out our sessions? Email Domyo for the Zoom Meeting ID.

One-on-one Interactions with Domyo

Schedule private a 30-minute one-on-one Dharma Interview (aka dokusan or sanzen) with me, your podcast host (Domyo), in-the-flesh or by video (Zoom or Skype). Appointments can be conveniently scheduled online (click here to see my availability listed according to your time zone).

Dharma Interview - Learn More

Dharma Interview is an opportunity to talk with a teacher one-on-one to discuss your Zen practice. You can ask questions about Buddhism and practice, but ideally this won’t be an intellectual exercise. Instead, it will be about the “edge” of your practice – what are you working on? What’s challenging you? How can you apply practice to your daily life?

Maintain ongoing practice intentions or vows with my support and guidance, through Dharma Interview and/or email.

Please consider supporting me through sangha membership (see below) if you end up wanting to correspond or meet regularly. Thanks!

Member’s Online Community

Connect with other Zen Studies Sangha members on our private Mobilize community site. It’s kind of like Facebook, but just for us! You’ll be invited if you sign up as a Zen Studies Sangha member, and have a username (your email address) and password (one you chose, unless you sign on with Facebook or LinkedIn). The site includes member profiles, posting activity, and the option for private chats.

If you’re a supporter of the Zen Studies Podcast and want to participate in the Mobilize Forum, just email me.


Zen Studies Sangha Membership

Please feel free to join our meetings for a while and see what they’re like! Simply email me to get the Zoom meeting ID we use for Zen Studies Sangha meetings.

If you end up benefiting from these online offerings, or if you just want to support the podcast at a higher level, please consider supporting me and the Sangha through membership.

Once you sign up as a supporter of the podcast or as a Zen Studies Sangha member, your membership can be upgraded, downgraded, or canceled at any time, by you, in your member profile of the Zen Studies website.

Support the Zen Studies Podcast and Sangha

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