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I want you to be able to easily browse Zen Studies Podcast topics, and the content on the website will continue to grow! Please email me if you have any suggestions for how to organize and index my material! – Domyo

Zen Teachings

These episodes present and explain traditional Zen Buddhist teachings (listen to the first episode to learn about how Zen relates to Buddhism as a whole)

History & Seminal Texts

These episodes are in a series, starting with ancient India at the time of Shakyamuni Buddha and continuing up until the present day. The series covers all areas where Buddhism has taken a significant hold, including the West, and takes time to explore seminal texts as they appear in the timeline of Buddhist history.

Foundational Buddhist Teachings

Zen teachings are Buddhist teachings, but these episodes cover older (pre-Zen) or more general Buddhist teachings (not specific to a sect or school)

Dharma Talks

The episodes are my teachings on various Zen and Buddhist topics

Zen Practices

These episodes focus on practices – things Zen students actually do (or they¬†present a Zen “take” on more general Buddhist practices)