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Buddhist Teachings
Buddhist History
Buddhist Texts
Zen Teachings
Zen Practices
Dharma Talks

Buddhist Teachings:

  • Buddhist TeachingsBuddha’s Teachings Part 2: All About Dukkha – Dis-ease, Disatisfactoriness, or Stress
  • Buddhist Teachings: How Buddhists Should Behave: Evolution of the Buddhist Precepts Part 3 (Japan)
  • Buddhist Teachings: Buddhist Teachings on Emptiness: From Anatta to Shunyata
  • Buddhist Teachings: Buddha’s Teachings Part 3: The Middle Way and Four Noble Truths
  • Buddhist Teachings: Buddha’s Teachings Part 4: The Noble Eightfold Path
  • Buddhist Teachings: Buddha’s Teachings Part 5: Karma, the Law of Moral Cause-and-Effect
  • Buddhist Teachings: Buddha’s Teachings Part 6: 12-fold Chain of Dependent Co-Arising
  • Buddhist Teachings: Buddha’s Teachings Part 7: Nirvana, or Complete Liberation
  • Buddhist Teachings: The Buddhist Teaching of the Six Realms Part 1 of 3
  • Buddhist Teachings: The Buddhist Teaching of the Six Realms Part 2 of 3
  • Buddhist Teachings: The Buddhist Teaching of the Six Realms Part 3 of 3
  • Buddhist Teachings: The Four Brahma Viharas, or Divine Abidings
  • Buddhist Teachings: The Six (or Ten) Paramitas
  • Buddhist Teachings: The Bodhisattva Ideal

Buddhist History:

  • Buddhist History: Life of Shakyamuni Buddha Part 4: Further Teachings and Development of the Sangha
  • Buddhist History: Women in Buddhism
  • Buddhist History: Development of Indian Buddhism, Including Emperor Ashoka
  • Buddhist History: Lay Versus Ordained: Overview of a Buddhist Conundrum
  • Buddhist History: Early Development of Mahayana Buddhism, 100 BCE – 100 CE
  • Buddhist History: Flowering, Decline and Rebirth of Indian Buddhism in the Common Era
  • Buddhist History: Further Development of Mahayana in India, Including Major Sutras
  • Buddhist History: Transmission of Buddhism throughout SE Asia & the History of Sri Lankan Buddhism
  • Buddhist History: History of Buddhism in Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Thailand
  • Buddhist History: Tibetan Buddhism I: The First Propagation and the Development of Tantric Buddhism (700-900 CE)
  • Buddhist History: Tibetan Buddhism II – Second Propagation until Modern Day, and an Example of Tantric Practice

Buddhist Texts:

  • Buddhist Texts: Actualizing Reality: Zen Master Dogen’s “Genjokoan”
  • Buddhist Texts: The Harmony of Difference and Sameness
  • Buddhist Texts: The Precious Mirror Samadhi
  • Buddhist Texts: The Daihishin Dharani
  • Buddhist Texts: The Universal Gateway of Compassion (Kanzeon Sutra)
  • Buddhist Texts: An Overview of the Pali Canon
  • Buddhist Texts: Prajnaparamita Sutra in 8,000 Lines
  • Buddhist Texts: Mahaparinirvana Sutra
  • Buddhist Texts: Vimalakirti Sutra
  • Buddhist Texts: The Lotus Sutra
  • Buddhist Texts: The Avatamsaka Sutra
  • Buddhist Texts: The Diamond Sutra
  • Buddhist Texts: The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Ancestor
  • Buddhist Texts: The Zen Teaching of Bodhidharma
  • Buddhist Texts: Hongzhi’s Cultivating the Empty Field
  • Buddhist Texts: Dogen’s Bendowa, Fukanzazengi, Tenzokyokun, Uji, Zazenshin, Bussho, and Other Writings
  • Buddhist Texts: Keizan’s Denkoroku and Zazen-yojin-ki
  • Buddhist Texts: Seng-T’san’s Faith in Mind

Zen Teachings:

  • Zen Teachings: The Two Sides of Practice: Samadhi Power and Karma Relationship
  • Zen Teachings: The Zen Approach to Afflictive Emotions
  • Zen Teachings: How Vow Is Central to Buddhism and Zen
  • Zen Teachings: The Truth Sets You Free: The Importance of Insight in Buddhism
  • Zen Teachings: Emptiness: Describing an Experience, Not a Concept
  • Zen Teachings: What Is Enlightenment? Separating the Myths from the Truth
  • Zen Teachings: Absolute and Relative – An Introduction to Why Everything’s Okay Even When It’s Not
  • Zen Teachings: Buddha-Nature
  • Zen Teachings: Helpful and Harmful Forms of Pleasure

Zen Practices:

  • Zen Practices: Bodhisattva Precepts: Practicing with a Moral Code in Everyday Life
  • Zen Practices: Zazen Part 3 – Zazen as a Somatic (Embodied) Experience
  • Zen Practices: An Overview of Zen in the West
  • Zen Practices: Zen Forms, or All That Religious Stuff
  • Zen Practices: Zen Chanting: What’s It All About and Why Do We Do It?
  • Zen Practices: Zazen Part 4 – The Dharma Gate of Joyful Ease (What Zazen Is, and Is Not)
  • Zen Practices: Zazen Part 5 – Beyond Thinking (or How to Deal with Your Mind)
  • Zen Practices: Zazen Part 6 – Sitting As If Your Hair Is on Fire (Cultivating Wholeheartedness and Passion)
  • Zen Practices: Zazen Part 7 – Two Aspects of Zazen: Calm Abiding and Insight
  • Zen Practices: Zazen Part 8 – Zazen Practice over a Lifetime (or How to Keep It Up)
  • Zen Practices: The Significance of Teachers and Lineage in Zen

Dharma Talks:

  • Dharma Talk: No, Everything Is Not Perfect: Letting Dissatisfaction Inform and Guide You
  • Dharma Talk: The Value of Cultivating Devotion Even in a Non-theistic Religion
  • Dharma Talk: The Ten Ox-Herding Pictures (Stages of Practice When You’re Going Nowhere)
  • Dharma Talk: Reconciling the Absolute and Relative in Your Life

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