The Zen Studies Sangha

Live Peace Sits with Zen Peacemakers International

A couple times a year we host a scheduled 2-hour non-denominational sit for peace.

We Welcome People of All Faiths and Creeds, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims,* and any other faiths. We recognize the place within all creation in which all beings share the same inherent nature.

In just sitting with no other purpose but to be just as we are, and to be with our fellow women and men just as they are, thus promoting non-judgmental harmony and good will towards all beings is the sole purpose of this page and the scheduled sittings described below.


A verse from the Karaniya Metta Sutta:

“Cultivate an all embracing mind of love,
For all throughout the universe,
In all it’s height and depth and breadth,
Love that is untroubled,
And beyond hate or enmity.”


Joining a Peace Sit

You are welcome to join or leave the sit at any time during the 2-hour block.

Participants may sit upright in a chair, stand upright, lay down, or sit in a traditional Buddhist meditation pose or a prayer pose specific to their particular faith or that they are comfortable with. There are no requirements other than the participants remain silent and still so that we can just be with one another.

  • The sits will take place on the internet platform Zoom. The app is free to download. Details on downloading and using the app can be found by clicking here.
  • Participants can get the Zoom meeting ID for the Peace Sits by emailing Domyo (click here). (We use the same Zoom meeting ID for Zen Studies Sangha meetings, so you may already have it.) 
  • All are welcome and there is no charge to participate. If you want to support the Peace Sit host (Zen Studies Podcast and Sangha), info can be found here. We’re currently working on an option to make a small donation via Paypal (stay tuned).
  • Curious participants are encouraged to listen to the Zen Studies Podcasts and check out the Zen Studies Sangha meetings as well.
  • The goal of the Peace Sits is to encourage global participation that transcends national, ethnic, cultural, and religious barriers and promotes harmony between all peoples.


The Date and Time for these sits:

~ Please stay tuned – our coordinator has gotten busy but plans to get another Peace Sit on our calendar ~

For a full calendar of online opportunities offered by the Zen Studies Sangha, click here: Online Opportunities Calendar


*Faiths are listed in alphabetical order.

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