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20 – The Heart Sutra Part 2: Line by Line Explanation, Continued chicago viagra go to site please do my homework source site how to write a conclusion for an english literature essay follow url how to write literary analysis essay overnight shipping cialis does viagra cause blood pressure to rise watch follow interpersonal communication thesis pdf viagra cialis health erection penis man write your own article resume writing services charleston sc source url proofreading quickly cinema essay english thesis comment box democracy thesis cialis canada free sample go to link phd thesis template ntnu a modest proposal essays how do i change my email password on my iphone x In this episode I complete my line-by-line exploration of the Heart Sutra. I cover what the sutra means when its says "there is no" such-and-such, why it proceeds through such long lists of things that don't exist the way we conceive of them (and what those lists refer to), and the significance of the mantra presented at the end.

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19 – The Heart Sutra Part 1: Introduction to the Most Common Mahayana Text

The Heart Sutra is probably the best-known Buddhist text in the world. It's less than 250 words long and considered to present the essence of Mahayana Buddhism. However, its meaning – and its attraction to Buddhists – may not be immediately evident! In this episode, I first recite the Heart Sutra for you and give you a brief overview of its history to provide you with a little context. Then I start working my way through the text line by line, offering definitions of terms, explaining references, and giving you a sense of the teaching being conveyed. I'll finish the line-by-line analysis in the next episode.

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