The Zen Studies Podcast

Dharma Talks (a bit more personal take on Dharma topics)

15 – To Study Buddhism Is to Study the Self (and Why That’s Not Selfish) arranged marriages essay viagra introduced in outline for a paper example where can i buy resume paper writing verbal expressions finance english writing essay help fish writing paper click here help writing a speechВ academic papers subsections latex cialis de chez lilly example of thesis in business administration how to write self introduction letter for visa application cutting viagra pills real pharmacy rx generic viagra tomar viagra sintrom follow site viagra va cach su dung proper way to refer to a book in an essay pay homework help aphasia research paper maximum ride homework help Liberation from self-concern is central to all forms of Buddhism, although the methods used to achieve that liberation differ widely. In this episode, I present a classic Zen teaching on not-self: Zen Master Dogen’s statement that “to study Buddhism is to study the self” and "to study the self is to forget the self."

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9 – Shakyamuni Buddha’s Enlightenment: What Did He Realize?

According to tradition, Buddhism began with the Buddha's enlightenment. This was the spiritual awakening of one man, Siddhartha Gautama, somewhere between 528 and 445 BCE, who afterwards was called the "Buddha," or "awakened one." He then taught others what he realized, along with the methods he used to achieve that realization, and those teachings have been passed down to the present day. What exactly did Siddhartha comprehend in his enlightenment?

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6 – Buddhist History 2: Arising of Buddhism Part 2 of 2 – New Religious Developments

At the time of the Buddha around 500 BCE, social and economic changes had paved the way for new schools of religious thought and practice. In this episode, I talk about these new religious movements, including Buddhism - particularly, their major spiritual questions and how they answered them. This gives you a sense of how Buddhism compared to the other new religions of its time, and how the Buddha’s approach differed from those of his contemporary spiritual teachers.

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