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Online Practice with Domyo & Others

Online Practice

Zoom ID 722-532-8943.
Email Domyo for the meeting password (info[at]

Online Practice with Domyo and Bright Way Zen Using Zoom Video

 Join Domyo and others via Zoom videoconferencing! This may be a new thing for you, but we encourage you to give it a try – once you’ve figured out how to connect, it’s very easy.

For more information and instructions on how to use Zoom, click here. You can connect using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. (A computer or tablet will allow you to see more people on your screen, a phone is limited to four.) Download Zoom and then try to connect to our meeting room any time to test! Do it well ahead of time so you can make sure it works for you.

Most people find Zoom pretty user-friendly, but if you need any help getting set up with Zoom, go ahead and contact Zoom tech support, or email Domyo (info@brightwayzenorg.).

Click below for instructions for how to download the free Zoom app and join meetings!

Not in Pacific Time Zone?

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What about the Zen Studies Sangha?

Hello fans of the Zen Studies Podcast!

Some of my older episodes mention a “Zen Studies Sangha.” That no longer exists, in part because the era of COVID-19 has brought so many online opportunities to practice Zen with others.

Please join practice with my Bright Way Zen Sangha!  Click here to find out more.