The Zen Studies Podcast

Online Practice with Domyo & Others

Online Practice with Domyo and Bright Way Zen Using Zoom Video

 Join Domyo and others via Zoom videoconferencing! This may be a new thing for you, but we encourage you to give it a try – once you’ve figured out how to connect, it’s very easy.

For more information and instructions on how to use Zoom, click here. You can connect using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. (A computer or tablet will allow you to see more people on your screen, a phone is limited to four.) Download Zoom and then try to connect to our meeting room any time to test! Do it well ahead of time so you can make sure it works for you.

Most people find Zoom pretty user-friendly, but if you need any help getting set up with Zoom, go ahead and contact Zoom tech support, or email Domyo (info@brightwayzenorg.).

Click below for instructions for how to download the free Zoom app and join meetings!

AM Zoom Zazen Wed-Fri at 7:30am Pacific, Sat. at 8:30am Pacific

We used to meet at Zoom ID 469•365•5898, but zazen will now be at 722-532-8943.
Email Domyo for the meeting password (info[at]

What about the Zen Studies Sangha?

Hello fans of the Zen Studies Podcast!

Some of my older episodes mention a “Zen Studies Sangha.” This still exists, but in a somewhat scaled-back form:

  • There are opportunities to join online practice using Zoom video with Domyo and Bright Way Zen! Click here to find out more.
  • Supporting members of The Zen Studies Podcast who contribute at any level are invited to join our online forum (you’ll get an invitation when you join as a member).
  • Member of the podcast are also invited to participate in monthly podcast discussions with Domyo (see the calendar below). The Zoom ID for the discussion is 469•365•5898.

NOTE: On the Zen Studies Sangha Meetings calendar below, the Wednesday-Saturday Zazen and Chanting sessions are Zoom ID 722-532-8943 because they are part of Bright Way Zen‘s offerings, while the Podcast Discussions are at the Zen Studies Zoom ID (469•365•5898). For both Zoom meetings, email Domyo for the meeting password (info[at]


Wednesday-Saturday Zazen

Feel free to join or leave at any time.
Five minutes early – Meeting available on Zoom
First 25 minutes – Zazen
25 minutes in – Posture adjustment bell (go ahead and move, stretch, etc.)
Second 25 minutes – Zazen
Last 8-10 minutes – Chant Heart Sutra & Bodhisattva Vows (Click here for a copy of the chants)
Greeting and end

Start Times
Pacific Time – 7:30am
Mountain Time – 8:30am
Central Time – 9:30am
Eastern Time – 10:30am

Other time zone? See the Time Zone Converter