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Hello fans of the Zen Studies Podcast!

Some of my older episodes mention our Zen Studies Sangha. This still exists, but in a somewhat scaled-back form. Morning meditation still happens Wed-Sat, and anyone is welcome to participate (see calendar). Supporting members of The Zen Studies Podcast who contribute at any level are invited to participate in monthly podcast discussions (see calendar) and also to join our online forum.
If you are looking for more opportunities to participate with online Sangha and teachers, I recommend checking out Treeleaf, a large and successful online Zen community.

                                                                                                                     Hope to see you, Domyo

Joining online meetings:

  • Click on events for details, including times. All events use Zoom videoconferencingclick here for detailed instructions on how to download the free Zoom app and connect.
  • The Zoom meeting room ID is 469•365•5898.

Click below for instructions for how to download the free Zoom app and join meetings!

Joining us for morning zazen & chanting? Click below for a copy of our chants.