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My name is Domyo Burk, and I am a Soto Zen priest. I am the founder and teacher of a Zen community near Portland, Oregon (USA) called Bright Way Zen. It’s my great pleasure to share the Dharma (Zen/Buddhist teachings and practices) in person at my Zen center and through this podcast.  I’m also the author of Idiot’s Guides: Zen Living.

If you’re curious about my background:

  • 1993: Graduated from Reed College with a Biology degree
  • 1996: Became a Zen Buddhist
  • 2000: Finished an M.S. degree in Wildlife Science at Oregon State University
  • 2001: Got ordained as a novice Zen monk
  • 2001-2006: Lived in a residential Zen community (Dharma Rain Zen Center), doing full-time formal Zen practice
  • 2007: Continued full-time Zen training and work, but moved out of the residential community and got married
  • 2010: Received Dharma Transmission (empowerment to teach Zen and function as a full Zen priest) from Rev. Gyokuko Carlson
  • 2011: Established Bright Way Zen on Portland’s westside
  • 2017: Launched the Zen Studies Podcast
  • Currently: I devote myself full time to Bright Way Zen and sharing the Dharma in other formats. I live with my husband, John, two delightful dogs, and two crazy parrots. I am hoping to be able to support myself doing only Dharma work once my husband fully retires in a few years, so please support this podcast if you enjoy it!

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About this Podcast

This podcast is recorded specifically for podcast listeners, and I want it to be fun and educational at the same time.

I cycle regularly through different kinds of episodes:

Buddhism Today – How Buddhism relates or applies to larger issues we’re facing as a society

Buddhist Teachings – These episodes cover older (pre-Zen) or more general Buddhist teachings (usually not specific to a sect or school)

Buddhist History – These episodes are in a series, starting with ancient India at the time of Shakyamuni Buddha and continuing up until the present day. The series covers all areas where Buddhism has taken a significant hold, including the West, and takes time to explore seminal texts as they appear in the timeline of Buddhist history.

Buddhist Practices – These episodes focus on practices – things Buddhists actually do.

Buddhist Texts – These episodes focus on important Buddhist texts (suttas/sutras, commentaries, shastras, poems, etc.)

Listener’s Questions – These episodes are responses to questions I’ve received from listeners.

Meditation – These episodes are on meditation – usually focusing on zazen/shikantaza, but many of the things I discuss will be relevant no matter what kind of meditation you do.

Zen Teachings – These episodes present and explain traditional Zen Buddhist teachings (listen to the first episode to learn about how Zen relates to Buddhism as a whole)

I hope you enjoy listening! As a disclaimer, I should say that I am a Soto Zen priest, not a professional scholar or historian. If you are aware of any mistakes or important omissions I make in the podcast, please feel free email me!

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